Electric shock protection classes for MEAN WELL AC adapters


Network adapters are devices intended for consumer (or user) use and, accordingly, there are no requirements for the qualification of persons using them. Thus, the safety of using network adapters to power various devices is a primary requirement for such devices. According to modern electrical safety requirements, all electrical equipment must be classified according to the methods of protection against electric shock in accordance with the classes.

In the Russian Federation, according to the requirements of GOST R 58698-2019 , 4 classes of electrical equipment are distinguished. Electrical equipment of each protection class has its own design features and conditions of use, which are determined by this standard.

MEAN WELL network adapters use only two of the four protection classes, which have the following features:

Protection class Equipment design features
Conditions for the use of equipment
General example of electrical equipment
I Grounding of metal non-current-carrying parts is ensured by connecting the device plug to a special socket with a grounding contact. In the presence of grounding, the use is not limited (unless otherwise specified in the instruction manual). Without grounding - similar to class 0. Computer, microwave, washing machine.
II The presence of double or reinforced insulation. Chassis grounding is not required. The plug does not have a grounding contact. Unlimited, except for high humidity conditions (over 85%) for devices less than IP65. In the presence of adverse conditions (in vessels, apparatuses and other metal containers with limited movement and exit) with the use of at least one electrical protective equipment or without the use of electrical protective equipment when connected through an RCD or when only one electrical receiver is powered from a separate source. Devices are indicated by a symbol of two nested squares Vacuum cleaner, TV, electric drill, hair dryer.

As a rule, protection classes are indicated by the following signs (if possible) on the body of the electrical appliance and / or in the accompanying documentation:
Symbols for the designation of protection classes for electrical equipment

In order to unify production and simplify the choice of network adapters within one series, MEAN WELL produces several types of devices for different classes. So, for example, the GST18 series of network adapters has three modifications for two protection classes. Thus, you can choose either models with a separate power cord for classes I and II, or the option of plugging into a socket (only class II):

Modifications of the GST18 network adapter for different protection classes
Modifications of the GST18 network adapter for different protection classes

In practice, class II network adapters are produced with low power (up to 36 W inclusive - for the GST36B and GST36E series ). Network adapters of higher power (series GST40A , GST60A , GST90A , GST120A and others) - only class I. In general, it is quite simple to determine which class of protection against electric shock is assigned to a network adapter - if in the input connector (with a separate power cord) , or on the plug into the socket, only two pins, then this is class II. For class I, there must be a third contact for earth connection.

More detailed technical characteristics are presented in Specifications for network adapters, and for questions related to the selection and use of MEAN WELL products, please contact Meanwell@chipdip.ru .