GSM series - network adapters for medical equipment from MEAN WELL


In medical equipment, in addition to built-in power supplies, remote power supplies or network adapters are also used. The AC adapter is a separate device in a housing that is subject to exactly the same safety requirements as the medical device for which it is used. Therefore, for separate power supply of medical devices, MEAN WELL produces a whole family of GSM network adapters.

Network adapters of the GSM series are designed specifically for the widest range of output power, a standard range of output voltages, as well as modifications for various use cases. Among the modifications according to the type of contact with the mains power socket, one can single out: plugged directly into the socket (type E), and connected using a network cable - with a grounding contact (type A) and without a grounding contact (type B):

Appearance of network adapters of the GSM series

The type of contact/input connector is encoded in the name of the network adapter after specifying the power, before specifying the output voltage and type of output connector, for example, GSM36 E - 36W network adapter plugged directly into the power outlet.

The main difference between network adapters for medical equipment and all other adapters is an increased level of security, which is expressed in the creation of additional physical barriers to the flow of electric current with a controlled dielectric strength and an acceptable level of leakage current. In addition, enhanced requirements for electromagnetic compatibility are also being worked out, since medical equipment, due to its accuracy and sensitivity, also requires a minimum level of electromagnetic interference, primarily from an external power source. The fulfillment of these conditions - an increased level of safety and ensuring EMC - must be confirmed by the appropriate certificates.

Separately, it should be noted that in GSM network adapters there are two types of purpose of use depending on the type of medical equipment:

  • type B (not marked) - equipment not intended for contact with the patient;
  • type BF (BF rated) - equipment that has direct contact with the patient's body, for example, diagnostic equipment.

The type of purpose of use, together with the level of protection of patients and personnel from the risk of electric shock (in accordance with the IEC60601-1 standard), is indicated in the Specification for the selected series of adapters in the form of a special designation:

Marking the purpose of use on the example of the GSM36E series

Due to the combination of characteristics and properties, network adapters of the GSM series can be used to power a wide range of medical equipment, as well as devices and household appliances with increased security requirements.

Main technical characteristics and features of network adapters of the GSM series

  • Input voltage range: 80…264V (AC); 113…370V (DC).
  • Standard output voltage range: 5, 7.5, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24, 48 (depending on the series).
  • Output power: from 6 to 220W (depending on the series).
  • ANSI/AAMI 60601-1 (Medical safety approved) protection: 2xMOPP.
  • Wide temperature range: -30°S…+70°S.
  • Very low leakage current.
  • Small own consumption.
  • Fully enclosed plastic housing.
  • Standard set of protections: short circuit, overload, overvoltage, overheating (only for high power series).
  • Medical certification: ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1, BS EN60601-1.
  • Warranty period 3 years.

More detailed technical characteristics are presented in Specifications for GSM network adapters, and for questions related to the selection and use of MEAN WELL products, please contact .