Small-sized IRM01-03 converters for a printed circuit board from MEAN WELL


The AC power supply network is one of the most common types of power supply for devices and devices for various purposes. Therefore, the most common type of electric power converters is AC/DC – from AC to DC. Depending on the purpose of the end device, its dimensions, operating characteristics, and so on, the widest possible range of AC/DC converters of various sizes and power is required. One of the popular types is AC/DC converters of modular type, installed on the printed circuit board of the final device or device.

Converters of the IRM01, IRM02, IRM03 series are modular AC/DC converters for installation on a printed circuit board. The housing of the IRM modules is made of plastic and has a full silicone filling to improve heat dissipation, which also provides anti-vibration protection and reliable protection from dust and moisture. IRM01, IRM02, IRM03 modules are an effective solution for providing power to individual circuit nodes that require power supply independent of the main circuit, with galvanic isolation, miniature size and high energy density. The modules have high reliability and low cost.

Vneshnij vid AC/DCpreobrazovatelej modul'nogo tipa IRM03 Appearance of AC/DC converters of modular type IRM03

The features of the IRM01-03 series AC/DC converters are – small-sized housing, high energy density, standard output voltage range 3.3, 5, 9, 12, 15, 24V DC, extended input voltage range 85-305V AC, rated output power 1-3W depending on the IRM series. IRM01-03 modules have two types of execution – output type for mounting on a printed circuit board through holes, and SMD type for surface mounting, which allows you to choose a suitable module depending on the purpose of the end device and its size. The overall dimensions of the modules on the printed circuit board and the purpose of the pins on the example of the IRM01 series are shown in the figures:

Gabaritnye razmery modulya IRM01 vyvodnogo tipa Overall dimensions of the IRM01 output type module Gabaritnye razmery i naznachenie vyvodov modulya IRM01 v SMD ispolnenii Overall dimensions and pin assignment of the IRM01 module in SMD version

The modules for the printed circuit board of the IRM01, IRM02, IRM03 series are general–purpose AC/DC converters, and can be used in any application fields - telecommunications, wireless devices, control devices in industrial automation, instrumentation, analyzers, wearable devices and others.

Main technical characteristics and features of AC/DC converters of the IRM01-03 series:

  • Standard output voltage range: 3.3, 5, 9, 12, 15, 24 V DC.
  • Extended input voltage range: 85-305V AC (120-430V DC).Rated output power: 1W for IRM01, 2W for IRM02, 3W for IRM03.
  • Execution for the type of printed mounting: output type and SMD type.
  • Wide temperature range: -30°C...+85°C.Typical protections: short circuit, overload, overvoltage.
  • Low self-consumption: <0.075watts.
  • Cooling due to natural air ventilation.
  • Protection class against electric shock: II.
  • The warranty period is 3 years.

For more detailed technical specifications, see the Specifications for AC/DC converters, and for questions related to the selection and use of MEAN WELL products, please contact the email address .