LDH-45 Series - DC/DC Boost Converters for LED Lighting from MEAN WELL


The LDH-45 DC/DC converter series is a series of step-up (or boost) converters from direct current (DC) to direct current (DC) voltage, that is, with an increase from the input voltage level, with current stabilization, power 45W. The LDH-45 series converter has the form of a compact size module and is available in two versions: with pins for mounting on a printed circuit board or with wire leads for terminal or solder connection:

Appearance of MEAN WELL DC/DC converters LDH-45 series External view of LDH-45 series DC/DC converters

The features of LDH-45 series DC/DC converters are unique parameters - small size housing, two input voltage ranges (for nominal voltages 12V DC and 24V DC), standard and most common output current range (350-1050 mA), and high efficiency. The fully potted plastic housing allows this series to be used in all weather conditions over a wide range of temperatures (outdoor conditions) with proper protection against moisture ingress and isolation of contacts or connections.

LDH-45 series converters have a built-in dimmer for brightness control. Dimming is possible using a pulse-width modulator (PWM) by supplying pulses with a frequency of 1-10 kHz, using a controlled voltage source 0.25-1.3V (DC), or using the DALI protocol. The parameter to be changed is the output current of the converter (Output Current) Iout. The connection for PWM control is shown in the figure:

Brightness control (dimming) with PWM input Brightness control (dimming) with PWM input

Additionally, LDH-45 series inverters have a remote ON/OFF control function. Due to the combination of characteristics and features, these converters are best suited for LED lighting with controlled brightness and operating time.

Converters of the LDH-45 series are designed for use in any objects powered by 12 or 24V (DC), including batteries, or in vehicles. Also, these converters can be used to create autonomous lighting based on solar cells:

An example of the use of LDH-45 converters for autonomous lighting from solar cells

Main technical characteristics and features of LDH-45 series DC/DC converters

  • Standard output current range: 350/500/700/1050 mA.
  • DC/DC Converter Topology: DC/DC step-up.
  • Two input voltage ranges:
    range A: 9-18V (DC) - nominal voltage 12V;
    range B: 18-32V (DC) - nominal voltage 24V.
  • Output voltage:
    12-86V (DC) (depending on model) for input voltage range A;
    21-126V (DC) (depending on model) for B range.
  • High efficiency (efficiency): up to 95%.
  • Dimming with: PWM (PWM), controlled voltage (Analog DIM); via DALI protocol.
  • Remote on/off function (Power ON/OFF control).
  • Protection: against short circuit, high and low input voltage.
  • Cooling due to natural ventilation.
  • Warranty period 3 years.

For more detailed technical specifications, see Specifications for DC/DC converters of the LDH-45 series, and for questions related to the selection and use of MEAN WELL products, please contact Meanwell@chipdip.ru .