LPH-18 and LPHC-18 Narrow Body LED Lighting Power Supplies from MEAN WELL


Lighting based on LEDs has one of the key advantages - great flexibility in the manufacture of lamps of various shapes, power and purpose. Therefore, it is important for each specific luminaire to select both LEDs directly, an LED strip or a matrix, and a power source with appropriate output parameters, a suitable size and type of performance. For small size 220V AC LED luminaires, MEAN WELL has developed a series of low power series, which are entry-level (basic) power supplies.

The LPH-18 AC/DC converter series is a series of 18W voltage stabilized AC/DC converters. The LPHC-18 AC/DC Converter Series is a series of 18W AC to DC voltage converters with current regulation. LPH and LPHC series transducers have a long and narrow plastic housing measuring 140x30x22 mm, which allows it to be placed in small-sized luminaires or in places with limited free space.

Appearance of LPH-18 and LPHC-18 series power supplies Appearance of LPH-18 and LPHC-18 series power supplies

The features of the LPH and LPHC series power supplies are a small-sized narrow case, its full filling with a compound, the degree of protection of the case IP67, a limited input voltage range (180-264V AC). In the LPH-18 series, the most demanded output voltage range is 12, 24, 36V DC, in the LPHC-18 series, the output current values are 350 and 700mA (DC). The case is made of low-flammable plastic, its full filling improves the properties of heat dissipation during operation.

Overall dimensions and assignment of conclusions of power supplies of the LPH-18 and LPHC-18 series Dimensions and pin assignment

The LPH-18 and LPHC-18 series power supplies are entry-level (basic) power supplies and can be used in a wide range of LED lighting applications - for architectural and decorative lighting, stage lighting, LED displays and advertising objects, etc.

Main technical characteristics and features of LPH and LPHC series LED lighting power supplies:

  • Limited input voltage range: 180-264VAC; 254-370VDC.
  • Standard output voltage range for LPH-18 series: 12/24/36V.
  • Standard output current range for LPHC-18 series: 350/700 mA.
  • Full body filling with compound.
  • Degree of protection of the case IP67.
  • Built-in EMI filter.
  • Protection class against electric shock: class II (without earth contact).
  • Protection: short circuit, overload, overvoltage, overheating.
  • Cooling due to natural ventilation.
  • Warranty period 2 years.

For more technical specifications, see Specifications for power supplies of the LPH-18 and LPHC-18 series, and for questions related to the selection and use of MEAN WELL products, please contact Meanwell@chipdip.ru .