New NTS-300 and NTS-450 Pure Sine Wave Inverter Series from MEAN WELL


As part of the planned renewal of the range, MEAN WELL has released a new series of "pure sine wave" inverters, that is, inverters with minimal output voltage waveform distortion, low and medium power NTS to replace the popular TS series inverters. The key features of the new series are: an increased peak power reserve of up to 200% of the rated power for starting heavy loads (for example, containing electric motors), minimal own consumption, use with lithium-ion batteries, and an extended operating temperature range.

The NTS-300 and NTS-450 series inverters are DC/AC type converters with direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) voltage conversion and are designed to power power grid equipment critical to the shape of the mains voltage. NTS-300/450 inverters can be used with lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries (batteries) of various capacities at 12, 24 or 48V. The model of the inverter is determined by the voltage of the connected battery, and the range of the AC output voltage (only inverters for 200-240V AC are supplied to the territory of the Russian Federation).

Appearance of NTS-300/450 Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Appearance of NTS-300/450 Pure Sine Wave InvertersAppearance of NTS-300/450 Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Both series are made in the case of the same overall size (210x130x55 mm), the only difference is that the NTS-300 series inverters are cooled by natural air convection, while the NTS-450 series inverters have forced cooling due to the built-in fan.

Display, adjustment and control elements

Display, adjustment and control elements

On the side of the output of the inverters and the load connection, there are indication elements (LEDs), remote control - an RC connector, and microswitches for setting the inverter settings. The output can be adjusted within a fairly wide voltage range: from 200V to 240V (AC), with a frequency of 50 or 60 Hz. The display elements during normal operation of the inverter signal the following states:

Status indication and meaning of signal LEDs

NTS-300/450 series inverters can operate in a wide temperature range - from -25°S to +65°S (NTS-300 series) and up to +70°S (NTS-450 series); have low own consumption (<1.5W); include basic protections, including disconnecting the battery from the load at low voltage to prevent its deep discharge.

NTS-300/450 inverters can be used to power mobile devices, home and office equipment, power tools and portable electrical appliances. Inverters can be installed in vehicles, yachts, stand-alone facilities powered by solar panels, wireless and telecommunications facilities, and data centers.

Main Specifications and Features of NTS-300/450 Series Inverters

  • Input voltage: 12V, 24V, 48V (DC).
  • Output voltage waveform: sinusoidal, with a total harmonic distortion (THD) <3%.
  • Output voltage: 200-240V (AC) - set using microswitches.
  • Output voltage frequency: 50 or 60 Hz - set using a microswitch.
  • Rated output power: 300W (NTS-300 series), 450W (NTS-450 series).
  • Peak output power (10 sec): 450W (NTS-300 series), 675W (NTS-450 series).
  • Types of used batteries: lead-acid, lithium-ion.
  • Remote on-off function: yes.
  • Types of input protection (DC): protection when connecting the battery with reverse polarity; low battery voltage - alarm and shutdown; overvoltage.
  • Types of output protection (AC): short circuit; overload; overheat.
  • Warranty period 3 years.

More detailed technical characteristics are presented in the Specifications for NTS-300/450 series inverters, and for questions related to the selection and use of MEAN WELL products, please contact .