NTS-400P is a series of inverters for embedded applications of medium power from MEAN WELL


A special category is systems and equipment with autonomous power supply – from an integrated rechargeable battery, while in some cases, as part of such a system, it is necessary to provide power to devices from a 220V AC network. Specifically for embedded applications, MEAN WELL has developed a series of inverters (DC/AC converter) in a process enclosure and connectors for connecting batteries and end equipment – without an outlet for network equipment and a user enclosure.

The NTS-400P series inverter is a DC/AC converter for embedded applications with direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) voltage conversion, and is designed to power power grid equipment critical to the form of mains voltage. The NTS-400P inverters can be used in conjunction with lead-acid and lithium-ion rechargeable batteries (batteries) of various capacities at 12, 24 or 48V. The inverter model is determined by the voltage of the connected battery, and the range of the AC output voltage (inverters are supplied to the territory of the Russian Federation only for 200-240V AC).

Vneshnij vid invertorov s chistoj sinusoidoj serii NTS-400PThe appearance of pure sine wave inverters of the NTS-400P series

The series is made in a compact overall size 186x100.5x32 mm housing with cooling due to natural air convection, in this case the load power should not exceed 250W. When using forced ventilation from a fan (10CFM), the constant continuous power is 400W, and the peak power can reach up to 600W (10 sec). The temperature range of use in case of forced ventilation can be extended:

Temperaturnyj diapazon raboty NTS-400P i ogranichenie po moschnostiNTS-400P operating temperature range and power limitationGabaritnye razmery i mesto ustanovki ventilyatora oxlazhdeniya serii NTS-400P Overall dimensions and installation location of the cooling fan

To power the cooling fan, a separate connector is connected next to its location. The battery is also connected on this side of the inverter, and the R.C. connector (remote control) is located here. The connector for connecting devices and devices powered by AC power is located on the other side, there are also LEDs, a UART connector (for status monitoring), and microswitches for setting the inverter settings. The output of the inverter can be configured within a fairly wide voltage range: from 200V to 240V (AC), with a frequency of 50 or 60 Hz.

A distinctive feature of the NTS-400P series inverters is the presence of the built-in UART protocol (RS-232), with which you can determine the various states of the inverter itself, the connected battery, as well as obtain other service information. The use of this protocol allows the inverter to be used in an automation and/or control system from a personal computer (PC). The inverter also has a remote on/off function:

Funkciya udalennogo vklyucheniya-vyklyucheniya (razRemote on/off function (connector and status)

Inverters of the NTS-400P series can operate in a wide temperature range – from -20°C to +70°C; have low self-consumption (<1.5W in standby mode); include basic types of protection, including disconnecting the battery from the load at low voltage to prevent its deep discharge.

The NTS-400P inverters can be used to power mobile devices, home and office equipment, power tools and wearable electrical appliances. Inverters can be installed in road transport, on yachts, in mobile racks, autonomous facilities powered by solar panels, wireless communication facilities and telecommunications systems, and in data centers.

Main technical characteristics and features of the NTS-400P series inverters

  • Input voltage: 12V, 24V, 48V DC (DC).
  • Output voltage form: sinusoidal, with a nonlinear distortion coefficient (THD) <3% ("pure sine wave").
  • Output voltage: 200-240V AC (AC) – set using microswitches.
  • Output voltage frequency: 50 or 60 Hz – set using a microswitch.
  • Rated output power: 400W (with forced cooling), 250W (with natural ventilation).
  • Peak output power (10 sec): 600W.
  • Types of batteries used: lead-acid, lithium-ion.
  • Remote on/off function: yes.
  • Status monitoring protocol: UART (RS-232).
  • Types of input protection (DC): protection when connecting a battery with a violation of polarity; low battery voltage – alarm and shutdown; overvoltage.
  • Types of output protection (AC): short circuit; overload; overheating.
  • The warranty period is 3 years.

For more detailed technical specifications, see the Specifications for the NTS-400P series inverters, and for questions related to the selection and use of MEAN WELL products, please contact us by e-mail Meanwell@chipdip.ru .