RCP-1000 series – power supplies in 19” racks for ICT equipment from MEAN WELL


In the field of information and communication technologies (ICT), the placement of equipment in 19” (19 inch) Rack racks has become almost an industry standard. It is also customary to place power supplies for end equipment and servers, including uninterruptible power supply systems, in racks of this form factor, directly near the end equipment. Responding to the demands of the industry, MEAN WELL has developed a number of series of power supplies for Rack systems, taking into account the high power consumption, ease of operation and management of such power supplies.

Vneshnij vid korziny RCP-1U dlya ustanovki RCP-1000 dlya Rack sistemyThe appearance of the RCP-1U basket for installing the RCP-1000 for a Rack systemPrimer Rack sistemy pitaniya na osnove RCP-1000 Example of a Rack power system based on the RCP-1000

The power supplies of the RCP-1000 series are AC/DC converters in a case design designed to be connected to the RCP-1U basket (chassis, cable) for installation in telecommunication racks of 19” format in the size of 1U (one unit). The RCP-1U baskets have two connection modifications – with a network cable (3 pcs – each for its own power source as part of the basket) or with terminals for terminal connection. Also on the back panel there are output connectors (DC), a connector for using additional functions and DIP address switches in a modification with the I2C data exchange protocol.

Vneshnij vid zadnej paneli shassi RCP-1UAppearance of the rear panel of the RCP-1U chassis

The RCP-1000 power supply is a converter from AC voltage to DC voltage, with a level from the range of 12, 24, 48V. The rated power of one power supply is 720W for RCP-1000-12, 960W for RCP-1000-24, 1008W for RCP-1000-48. Within the framework of one RCP-1U basket, the total maximum output power of the power supply can be 3 kW due to the possibility of parallel connection of power supplies. Parallel connection of power supplies in three RCP-1U baskets up to 8kW is allowed.

Vneshnij vid bloka pitaniya RCP-1000 dlya Rack sistemy pitaniyaThe appearance of the RCP-1000 power supply unit for the Rack power system

The power supplies of the RCP-1000 series have a built-in active power Factor Corrector (PFC), the function of limiting the output current (Constant current limiting), high efficiency up to 89%, the main types of protection: short circuit, overload, overvoltage, overheating. The power supplies use forced ventilation due to the built-in cooling fan.

Each RCP-1000 power supply has additional status monitoring and control functionality. All these functions are displayed on the main connector for connecting the power supply in the RCP-1U basket, and on the basket itself they are combined into a separate special CN500 connector:

Funkcii kontrolya i upravleniya istochnikami pitaniya v sostave korziny RCP-1U (naznachenie kontaktov razFunctions for monitoring and controlling power supplies in the RCP-1U basket (connector pin assignment)

A brief description of the additional functionality:
ON/OFF – remote on/off of the power supply in the basket;
AC-OK – input voltage monitoring;
DC-OK – control of the output voltage;
V-TRIM – output voltage adjustment;
T-ALARM – temperature control;
+5V-AUX – output of additional power supply +5V;
CS – Parallel connection function (Current Sharing);
+S, -S – output voltage drop compensation function (Remote Sense);
+V, -V – output voltage level (for monitoring);
SCL, SDA is a data bus for models with the I2C protocol.

The key feature of the RCP-1000 power supplies in the RCP-1U basket is the support for "Hot Plug", that is, each power supply in the basket can be turned off and removed for replacement without disconnecting the entire power supply system in the rack. The second significant feature is the presence of the built-in I2C data exchange protocol (a separate modification in the RCP-1000 series), which allows you to create industrial and distributed power systems with specified control and management parameters.

Rack Power class power supplies have wide applications – industrial automation, distributed power supply systems, power supply for wireless, telecommunications and server equipment, continuous power supply systems, electric vehicle charging stations and others.

For more detailed technical specifications, see the Specifications on the product page. For questions related to the selection and use of MEAN WELL products, please contact us by e-mail Meanwell@chipdip.ru .