SPAN02 and DPAN02 series – DC/DC converters in a SIP8 enclosure for a printed circuit board from MEAN WELL


The range of DC/DC converters for the MEAN WELL printed circuit board in our assortment has been expanded with 2-watt converters of the SPAN02 and DPAN02 series, fully compatible with similar converters from other manufacturers both in overall dimensions and in the location of contacts and their name (Pin-to-Pin compatible).

The SPAN02 and DPAN02 series converters are modular DC/DC converters in a SIP8 housing (with contacts arranged in one row) of a stabilized type (Regulated converter), for installation on a printed circuit board. SPAN02 series modules have a single positive polarity output, DPAN02 series modules have a double output, positive and negative polarity. The converters have small overall dimensions, high reliability, low cost and are an effective solution for providing power to individual circuit nodes that require stable supply voltage, with galvanic isolation from the main power source.

Внешний вид DC/DC преобразователей серий SPAN02 и DPAN02Appearance of the SPAN02 and DPAN02 series DC/DC converters

The features of the SPAN02 and DPAN02 series DC/DC converters are: small-sized housing, arrangement of contacts in one row (Single-in-line Package, SIP), typical input voltage ranges (5, 12, 24, 48V), output voltage from the standard range of values (3.3, 5, 12, 15V for SPAN02 and ±5, ±12, ±15V for DPAN02), rated output power of 2W, typical pin assignment (Industry standard pinout). The overall dimensions of the modules and the purpose of the terminals are shown in the figures:

Габаритные размеры и расположение выводов модулей SPAN02 и DPAN02Overall dimensions and pin location PinНазначение выводов модулей SPAN02 и DPAN02 assignment of the SPAN02 and DPAN02 modules

The SPAN02 and DPAN02 series modules are general–purpose DC/DC converters and can be used in any field of application - telecommunications, wireless devices, control devices in industrial automation, instrumentation, analyzers, detectors and others.

The main technical characteristics of the converters

  • Case type: SIP8 package.
  • Typical pin assignment (Industry standard pinout).
  • Extended input voltage range: 2:1.
  • Rated output power: 2W.
  • Wide temperature range: -40°C...+90°C.
  • Minimum load requirement: none.
  • Short circuit protection (long-lasting), overload protection.
  • Insulation voltage (input/output): 1500V (DC).
  • Remote ON/OFF control.
  • The warranty period is 3 years.

For more detailed technical specifications, see the Specifications for DC/DC converters on the product page. For questions related to the selection and use of MEAN WELL products, please contact us by e-mail .