MN1 series microswitches

MN1 series microswitches

A micro switch, also known as a snap action switch, is an electrical switch actuated by very little physical force. Unlike other types of switches, microswitches provide reliable switching in defined and repeatable actuator positions. Another feature of microswitches is the high durability determined by the design of the actuator. It is these qualities that determine the main application of microswitches:

  • well-defined action with low operating effort;
  • long-term reliability.

The main area of application of microswitches can be considered as automation devices, alarms in household appliances, industrial equipment, elevator equipment, etc.

To begin with, it is immediately worth noting that the microswitches of the MN1 series manufactured by EMAS are analogues of the well-known microswitches of the Z15 series produced by OMRON, and the BZ series produced by Honeywell. Microswitches can have the following controls:

  • microswitch with button;
  • microswitch with additional stroke;
  • microswitch with foot (spring plunger).

Microswitches MN1 have a temperature range from -25°C to +80°C. The mechanical life of the microswitches is 500,000 cycles. Electrical life - 100,000 cycles. Switching frequency - 3000 / hour (mechanical), and 1200 / hour (electric).

Overall dimensions of the base model

MN1 series microswitches. Overall dimensions of the base model

By the way, until 2021, these switches were produced with the “440V” marking on the case. Since 2021, the voltage "250V" is indicated on the switch body. What has changed? Simplified design? Are other materials used? Can a switch marked "440V" be replaced with a switch marked "250V"?

The manufacturer clarified that there were no changes in the design and materials used. For a resistive load, these switches can be used when working with voltages up to 440V. But for a resistive load, the use of this voltage is problematic, and depends on specific factors. Therefore, in order to prevent emergency situations, it was decided to apply a voltage value of 250V to the switch housing. In general, replacing switches marked "440V" with switches marked "250V" is perfectly acceptable.

It is also worth noting that the MN1 and MN2 microswitches are CE and EAC certified.

Comparison table of MN1 switch modifications

Name Work algorithm Actuator Operating current Working voltage
MN1KIM1 1 changeover Lever short 10A 250VAC
MN1KIM2 1 changeover Lever long 10A 250VAC
MN1MIM1 1 changeover Lever short with roller 10A 250VAC
MN1MIM2 1 changeover Lever long with roller 10A 250VAC
MN1MUM3 1 changeover With extra stroke and roller 10A 250VAC
MN1MUM8 1 changeover With extra stroke and cross roller 10A 250VAC
MN1PUM1 1 changeover Button 10A 250VAC
MN1PUM3 1 changeover Extra travel button 10A 250VAC
MN1PUM7 1 changeover Button 10A 250VAC
MN1PUM9 1 changeover Extra travel button 10A 250VAC
MN1PUM9U 1 changeover Extra travel button 10A 250VAC
MN1YKAP Protective housing