Multilayer ceramic output capacitors


Today, ceramic capacitors occupy about 70% of the market share of dielectric capacitors. In addition, with the advent of new technologies, the functionality and performance of ceramic capacitors continue to improve. Multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) are manufactured by alternating layers of ceramic material and metal electrodes. They are the most common type of ceramic capacitors and have a high capacitance density. Ceramic capacitors are known for their high temperature stability, low losses, long service life and excellent electrical performance. These capacitors are widely used in communication equipment, computers, automotive electronics, medical devices and other fields.

The assortment of the CHIP and DIP company includes multilayer ceramic output capacitors manufactured by JSC VZRD Monolit and JB Capacitors. These manufacturers maintain a high level of quality of the capacitors produced, with a long shelf life and a long service life.

More detailed technical specifications can be found in the Specifications for capacitors on the product page.