New voltage monitoring relays from Novatek-Electro


Novatek-Electro LLC, one of the leading Russian manufacturers of electrical products, has announced the launch of a new line of voltage monitoring relays. In fairness, it is worth noting that this line is not a continuation of the line of existing relays. The main purpose of the new relays is to replace the PH-125, PH-132, PH-140, PH-150, PH-163, PH-125T, PH-132T, PH-140T, PH-150T, PH-163T relays that are being discontinued.

The first thing that immediately catches your eye when comparing the new relays with the relays of the old series is the separation of the terminals for connecting the power supply and connecting the load to opposite sides.

Новые реле контроля напряжения от Новатек-ЭлектроОрганы управления реле контроля напряжения

For older series relays, the power and load connection terminals are located on the bottom of the housing, and use a common neutral (zero) terminal. This solution not only avoids errors when connecting the relay, but also significantly reduces the width of the housing. The new relays have a case width of 36mm, compared to 52.5mm for the old ones. Considering that the voltage monitoring relays must be operated in a network protected by an automatic switch, this parameter is not unimportant.

Схема включения

Like other types of voltage monitoring relays, the new relays are designed to protect household and industrial equipment (refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, etc.) from unacceptable voltage fluctuations in the network and the consequences of a neutral break (zero).

The voltage relay has overheating protection, and turns off the load if the temperature inside the product body exceeds 85°C (when the rated load current is exceeded, due to poor contact, or weak clamping of the terminal block screws).

Relays PH-40tc, PH-50tc and PH-63tc, in addition, additionally control the temperature of each contact and, if the temperature of any contact exceeds 85°C, turn off the load. In addition, the relay stores information about the last five accidents in non-volatile memory.

The product is powered by a circuit feeding the load. The display located on the front of the relay indicates the effective voltage value at the input contacts. An LED indicator located next to it indicates the presence of voltage at the output contacts.

The product is designed for use in the following conditions:

  • ambient temperature from -35 to +55°C;
  • atmospheric pressure from 84 to 106.7 kPa;
  • the relative humidity of the air (at a temperature of +25°C) is 30...80%.

Attention! The product is not intended for use in conditions of significant vibration and shock, high humidity, aggressive environment with acids, alkalis, etc. in the air, as well as heavy pollution (grease, oil, dust, etc.). The product is not intended for switching loads in case of short circuits. The voltage relay must be operated in a network protected by class "B" circuit breakers with trip currents corresponding to the selected relay type.

The main technical parameters of the relay

Rated supply voltage, V230/240
Operating current, A2532405063
Network frequency, Hz47 - 65
The accuracy of voltage measurement in the range of 100-350 V is not worse5%
The voltage at which performance is maintainedfrom 90 to 450V
The response time of the protection according to Umin, In7 seconds.
Umax protection response time, In1 sec.
The accuracy of determining the voltage response threshold, In3
Power consumption at an unconnected load, W≤2
Climatic designUHL3.1
Degree of protectionIP10
Rated pulse withstand voltage, kV2,5
Overall dimensions HxBxL, mm90x36x60

Adjustable parameters

The threshold of operation of the protection at the minimum voltage, In120-230
Maximum voltage protection threshold, V240-290
Delay time of astomatic re-activation (APV), sec5-900

Dependence of the conductor cross section for connecting equipment on the load current (power)

Current (Power)Cross section, mm2
For a current of 25A (5KW)at least 4
For a current of 32A (7kW)at least 6
For a current of 40A (9KW)at least 6
For a current of 50A (11KW)at least 10
For current 63A (14kW)at least 16