Water quality meters from Noyafa


The warehouse "CHIP and DIP" received a new batch of devices from the manufacturer Noyafa .
We would like to present you new products - water quality meters S-600 and EZ-9908 .


Water quality meters from Noyafa NF-C600

The C-600 is a 7-in-1 TDS Meter that analyzes acidity (PH), electrical conductivity (EC), redox potential (ORP), salinity (TDS), salinity, density and liquid temperature in a waterproof housing. The wide range of tests makes it suitable for various applications, such as drinking water tests, swimming pools, hot tubs, laboratories, hydroponics, aquariums, well and tap water, etc.


  • pH measurement range: 0.01-14.00
  • Conductivity measurement range: 0-10000 µS/cm; 10.01 -19.9mS/cm; 20.1-400mS/cm
  • ORP measurement range: 0 - +999mV
  • TDS measurement range: 0 - 10000ppm; 10.1-200.0ppt (g/l)
  • Salinity measurement range, %: 0 - 80
  • Density measurement range: 1.000-1.222
  • Temperature measurement range ,°C: 0.1 to +60.0
  • Accuracy: ±0.01pH


Water quality meters from Noyafa NF-EZ9908

The EZ-9908 is a 4-in-1 pH meter that analyzes pH, electrical conductivity (EC), salinity (TDS) and liquid temperature in a waterproof case. It has an auto-calibration feature that adjusts based on temperature and water quality for immediate, accurate pH readings, and is equipped with a sensitive electrode sensor. Weighs only 90g, perfect for carrying!

Main characteristics

  • PH: 0.011-14.00ph
  • TDS:1-19999ppm
  • EC:0-19999us/cm
  • Temperature: 0 ~ 60°C,
  • Resolution: 0.01PH