Pin aluminum-copper lugs NShAM


Pin aluminum-copper lugs NShAM

As practice shows, all electrical network malfunctions can be reduced to two reasons - the lack of contact where it should be, and the presence of contact where it should not be. Thus, ensuring a reliable connection is the main principle of organizing electrical networks.

Pin aluminum-copper lugs of the NShAM series manufactured by the Kaluga plant KBT are designed for direct connection of self-supporting insulated wires to the machine without the use of additional devices. Termination of wires is carried out by crimping aluminum cables and wires with their subsequent connection to the terminals of circuit breakers and other devices with a limited width of the contact terminal. In addition, NSAM lugs allow solving the problem of switching from aluminum conductors to copper. Various standard sizes allow to pick up a necessary ferrule for wires of different section.

Tips are made of electrotechnical aluminum grade AD1 and copper grade M1. The copper and aluminum parts of the tip are interconnected by friction welding, and provide metal contact at the molecular level. Due to this, NShAM tips can be used in electrical networks with voltage up to 35 kV. On the pipe part of the lugs there is a marking that determines the location and number of pressure tests.

Tips NShAM provide contact more reliable than "twisting", which allows you to avoid power surges in the network.

In conclusion, no matter how high-quality the electrical equipment used in the construction of electrical networks, but insufficient attention to the contact part of this electrical equipment can nullify all efforts to organize electrical networks. NShAM end caps will help form a strong connection when connecting aluminum wires to wiring devices.

Comparative table of tips NSAM

vendor code Model Operating voltage, kV Conductor cross section, mm² Flexibility class
81985 NSAM 16 (KWT) 35 16 1/2
81986 NSAM 25 (KW) 35 25 1/2
81987 NSAM 35 (KWT) 35 35 1/2
81988 NSAM 50 (KW) 35 fifty 1/2

Tip dimensions

Overall dimensions of tips NSAM