Owon AG1012F and AG1022F signal generators


Generatory signalov Owon AG1012F i AG1022F

The initial line of Owon AG1012F and AG1022F arbitrary waveform generators is in the CHIP and DIP warehouse.

The AG series arbitrary waveform generator is a universal solution with two channels for simultaneous signal generation. Thanks to its wide frequency range and 14-bit vertical resolution, it provides precise control of the waveform.

The generator supports several types of modulation, including AM, FM and PWM, which provides flexibility for various applications. An intuitive interface, a large display and the ability to connect via USB enhance user convenience.

The AG series generators are ideal for educational, research and industrial purposes and provide reliable and configurable signal generation for a variety of testing and experimental tasks.

Basic parameters

  • Advanced DDS technology, output frequencies of 10 and 25 MHz
  • Sampling rate up to 125 MS/s
  • Vertical resolution: 14 bits
  • The length of the arbitrary waveform is up to 1 MB
  • Integrated signal output: 5 main signals and 45 built-in arbitrary waveforms
  • Comprehensive modulation functions: AM, FM, PM, FSK, PWM, ASK, PSK, scan and packet transmission
  • SCPI is supported
  • 4-inch high-resolution TFT LCD display (480×320 pixels)

The AG series generator features a dual equivalent output channel, ensuring smooth replication of signals and status between channels. This innovative feature provides accurate frequency, amplitude and phase communication. Ideal for applications requiring synchronized dual-channel signals, it provides increased flexibility and convenience in generating signals for various test scenarios.

Generator serii AG otlichaetsya dvojnym ekvivalentnym vyxodnym kanalom, obespecheniem plavnoj replikacii signalov i sostoyaniya mezhdu kanalami

The AG series boasts a rich repository of 45 built-in arbitrary waveforms, providing a universal basis for signal generation. In addition, it has a wide range of common signals, divided into conventional, mathematical, engineering, window and other types. This classification expands user accessibility by offering a wide range of signals for various applications, from fundamental experiments to complex engineering tasks.

Seriya AG mozhet poxvastat'sya bogatym xranilischem iz 45 vstroennyx signalov proizvol'noj formy, obespechivayuschix universal'nuyu osnovu dlya generacii signalov

The generator is equipped with a built-in 200 MHz hardware counter that provides accurate frequency measurements. This feature allows you to accurately measure the signal time, duty cycle and pulse width, extending the capabilities of the generator for detailed analysis and testing of the waveform.

Generator osnaschen vstroennym apparatnym schetchikom 200 MGc, obespechivayuschim tochnye izmereniya chastoty