Powerful programmable power supply Owon OWP-H 1000W, 2000W, 3000W


Мощный программируемый источник питания Owon OWP-H 1000Вт, 2000Вт, 3000Вт

The CHIP and DIP warehouse received new powerful programmable power supplies from Owon OWP-H series: OWP1006H, OWP1030H, OWP2004H, OWP2015H and OWP3006H.

The OWP1000H series power supplies have a power of 1000W, OWP2000H have a power of 2000W, OWP3000H have a power of 3000W! In the range of OWP-H sources, models with a capacity of up to 8000W are available on request!

Main Features

Number of channels11111
Output voltage deviation<0.1% of the nominal value
Output current deviation<0.15% of the nominal value +20mA
InterfacesRS232, RS485, "dry contact"

The entire model range and a complete list of parameters are given in the specification.

Main Features of the OWP High Series

  • The standard height is 2U/3U.
  • High output resolution of 1 mV / 0.1 mA.
  • Constant output power and a wider range of output voltage and current.
  • Display mode for direct reading of the voltage/current/power curve.
  • CV/CC priority with adjustable rise/fall time.
  • Generating functions to gain access to a rich dynamic waveform.
  • Remote voltage compensation.
  • Parallel connection of several devices to extend the power range up to 128 kW.
  • Support for saving/calling 128 data groups.
  • 4,3" TFT LCD.
  • Standard RS485 communication interface and optional analog interface.
  • "Dry contact".