Programmable power supply with Owon SPM3103, SPM6053, SPM6103 Multimeter

Programmiruemyj istochnik pitaniya s mul'timetrom Owon SPM3103, SPM6053, SPM6103

A new series of programmable power supplies from the manufacturer OWON has arrived at the CHIP and DIP warehouse: SPM3103, SPM6053, SPM6103.
A distinctive feature of the new power supplies is the built-in multimeter.
The multimeter can measure: voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, frequency.

Features of power supplies

  • Output power 300W
  • High resolution: 10 mV / 1 mA
  • Output for editing the waveform with a list, editable output function of 10 time groups
  • Over-voltage/over-current protection
  • Output voltage and current curve monitoring function

Technical characteristics of the SPM series

ChannelSingle channel
The total output. power150 W300 Watts
Output channel0 - 30V /0 - 5A0 - 60V /0 - 5A0 - 30V /0 - 10A0 - 60V /0 - 10A
Display2.8-inch color LCD display
InterfaceUSB device, USB host (5V1A)
Dimensions (W x H x D)82 x 142 x 226 (mm)
WeightApproximately 1.5 kg

Multimeter Parameters:

  • Constant voltage up to 1000V
  • AC voltage up to 750V
  • Constant current up to 10A
  • Alternating current up to 10A
  • Resistance up to 100MOhm
  • Capacity 20,000nF/200.00nF/2.0000uF/20,000uF/200.00uF/2.0000mF
  • Frequency 40 - 1000Hz

Operating modes of SPM series sources

In the power supply mode, the screen displays: voltage, current, power, measurement modes and settings.

Rezhimy raboty istochnikov serii SPM: v rezhime istochnika pitaniya

In multimeter mode, the screen displays the current measured parameter, automatic or manually set range.

Rezhimy raboty istochnikov serii SPM: v rezhime mul'timetra

In multimeter and power supply mode, the screen is divided into 2 parts to display the measurement results of the multimeter and the output voltage, current of the power supply.

Rezhimy raboty istochnikov serii SPM: v rezhime mul'timetra i istochnika pitaniya

The power supplies have a lot of power, despite their compact size. Power graph using the example of SPM6103: