Reflex 2.0 Pro and Reflex 3.0 with real Surround Sound


Eight-channel 7.1 sound is good, but not enough. Watching a movie with real Surround sound.
Reflex 2.0 Pro and Reflex 3.0 play 16 audio channels!

It is very difficult to find a stereo track in modern cinema. The most advanced, revolutionary ambient sound recording formats are currently available in a maximum configuration of 9.1.6 (Dolby Atmos). Additional sound sources are installed either between the speakers of an existing home theater or in the ceiling.
We have doubled the number of audio channels that the USB – I2S Reflex 2.0 Pro and Reflex 3.0 transports can play. Now there are 16 of them!!!

Possible configurations of Reflex 2.0 Pro audio output channels

audio channels
Frequency, kHz
12 channels++++
16 channels++++

You need to download the latest firmware - Reflex_3.0_v2 firmware.1.0 Surround (04.12.2023)
And the new Chip Studio - Chip Studio v0.99.3 (04/12/2023) will help you easily create a home theater project with any Surround sound configuration.
For fans of Classic Hi-Res Stereo, everything remains unchanged: the sampling rate is up to 768kHz in Reflex 2.0 Pro and 384kHz in Reflex 3.0
Enjoy it!

In the photo, Reflex 3.0 with RaspyPlay4 Hi-Fi sound card installed for Raspberry Pi. But that's another story.
Stay with us in the Engineering Area.

Reflex 3.0 с установленной RaspyPlay4