SH power connectors for traction batteries

SH power connectors for traction batteries

Every motorist is well aware of why a car needs a battery. The battery stores energy that is transferred to the starter when the engine is started. In accordance with the application, such a battery is called a starter battery. However, if you take a closer look at the features of batteries and their varieties, you can find another type of battery. I mean traction batteries. They are used mainly in the automotive field, but serve completely different purposes. The main purpose of the traction battery is to ensure long-term continuous operation of the electric motor. The scope of traction batteries are forklifts, tractors, warehouse equipment, electric motors for boats, electric vehicles, etc. They also proved to be excellent as storage devices for alternative energy (solar panels, wind turbines).

Unlike starter batteries, traction batteries are not designed to deliver high starting current. Their task is to consistently supply even a relatively small, but constant current for a long time. In this regard, the tasks for the connectors that provide the electrical connection of power sources with the engine are also changing. Connectors must withstand thermal and current loads for a fairly long period.

Connectors of the SH series manufactured by the Chinese company XIAMEN OLINK are designed just for joint use with traction batteries.

SH connectors have a rugged one-piece plastic housing. Stainless steel springs holding the contacts create a "contact force" that provides low resistance, improving electrical efficiency.

These connectors are not divided into female and female parts. The mating parts of such connectors are absolutely identical. All connectors are UL rated up to 600V. SH connectors are UL94 V-0 flame retardant. The copper terminal is well suited for both cold pressing and soldering. And the silver-plated terminals increase electrical conductivity, ensuring stable current transfer.

SH series connectors

Name Case color Operating current, A Length, mm Width, mm Height, mm Wire section, AWG
SH40-BU Blue 40 42 24.0 11.9 12…10
SH40-RD Red 40 42 24.0 11.9 12…10
SH50-BU Blue 50 48 35.0 16.0 12…10
SH50-RD Red 50 48 35.0 16.0 12…10
SH120-BU Blue 120 64 45.0 21.0 6
SH120-RD Red 120 64 45.0 21.0 6
SH175-BU Blue 175 79 54.0 26.0 four
SH175-RD Red 175 79 54.0 26.0 four