SP POWERPOLE Series Connectors


The POWERPOLE series connectors were developed and patented by Anderson Power Products. However, due to the fact that the early patents expired, similar connectors began to be produced by other manufacturers. An example is the AMP Power Series connectors from TE Connectivity (TYCO).

Xiamen Olink's SP series connectors are just such a type of product. A characteristic feature of SP connectors is the absence of a division into male and female connectors. The counterpart is exactly the same connector. The only condition is that the counterpart must match the current load. The use of connectors of different colors will avoid incorrect connection and "reverse polarity". In addition, the design of the connectors allows you to make blocks of connectors from individual connectors. It is possible to combine connectors into a block not only in one, but also in several rows, creating your own unique combination for each specific case.

The specific shape of the connector is quite a significant advantage over conventional connectors. So, using the same connector, or a block of connectors, you can combine several sources of battery (rechargeable) power. You can put one or more batteries on charge, and connect an already charged battery to the load. In addition, for radio amateur designers, standardization allows the use of different equipment belonging to different owners without the use of special adapters.

Comparison table of SP connectors

Name Case color Operating current, A Length, mm Width, mm Height, mm Wire section, AWG
SP30-BU Blue thirty 24.5 8.7 8.7 14…12
SP30-RD Red thirty 24.5 8.7 8.7 14…12
SP75-BU Blue 75 48 17.0 17.0 12…10
SP75-RD Red 75 48 17.0 17.0 12…10
SP120-BU Blue 120 69.4 23.8 23.8 6
SP120-RD Red 120 69.4 23.8 23.8 6
SP180-BU Blue 180 82.5 30.0 30.0 four
SP180-RD Red 180 82.5 30.0 30.0 four