Techmize TH6312, TH6412 and TH6413 programmable linear power supplies


The Techmize brand belongs to Tonghui Electronic, founded in 1994 and with a 30-year history of research and development in the field of measuring instruments. Techmize's portfolio includes the widest range of control and measuring devices for testing parameters and characteristics of electronic components, insulation resistance testers, laboratory power supplies and much more!

Powerful, high-precision programmable linear power supplies Techmize: TH6312, TH6412, TH6413 arrive at the CHIP and DIP warehouse in early February

Techmize TH6312

Techmize TH6312

Basic parameters:

  • Number of channels - 1
  • Voltage regulation up to 30V
  • Current adjustment up to 30A
  • Power up to 360W
  • Resolution V – 1mV
  • Resolution A – 1mA
  • Voltage accuracy 0.03%+5mV
  • Current accuracy 0.1%+30mA

The main features of the model:

  • 4.3-inch 24-bit color screen, 480x272 pixels
  • Simple and fast operation of the numeric keypad and pen
  • High precision, high resolution, low ripple and low noise
  • Data saving support
  • Intelligent fan control to save energy and reduce noise
  • Software control and detection using a computer
  • Interfaces: RS232, USB, GPIB (optional)

Techmize TH6412 and TH6413

Techmize TH6412

Techmize TH6413

Basic parameters:

  • Number of channels - 3
  • Voltage regulation TH6412 to 30V and TH6413 to 60V
  • Current adjustment TH6412 to 6A and TH6413 to 3A
  • Power up to 180W
  • Resolution V – 1mV
  • Resolution A – 0.1mA
  • Voltage accuracy 0.03% + 10 mV
  • Current accuracy of TH6412 ≤0.1%+5mA and TH6413 ≤0.1%+5mA

The main features of the models:

  • 4.3-inch 24-bit color screen, 480x272 pixels
  • High precision and high stability, low ripple and low noise
  • 1/2 2U size, output terminals on the front and back panels
  • Programmable voltage and current output
  • Synchronization output signal: 0.1-99999.9 s
  • Three-channel independent adjustment
  • Simultaneous display of voltage, current, power and synchronization time at the output for three-channel operation mode
  • Support for serial, parallel or synchronous output between channels
  • Remote measurement function, compensation of line voltage drop
  • Output control switch
  • Fully isolated circuit and support for positive and negative reverse connection
  • Screen copy function
  • Surge protection
  • Intelligent fan with temperature control
  • Support for the standard SCPI communication protocol
  • The ability to update the device's firmware using a USB drive
  • The ability to connect to a computer