Uni-Trend UDP6720 and UDP6721 programmable power supplies


A new batch of programmable sources from the Uni-Trend UDP6720 and UDP6721 company has arrived at the CHIP and DIP warehouse.
UDP6700 is a series of programmable power supplies with wide output power range and high performance.

Uni-Trend UDP6720 and UDP6721 programmable power supplies

Main settings

  • Channels - 1 channel
  • Power - 100W for UDP6720 / 180W for UDP6721
  • Output voltage 0~60V
  • Output current 0~5A for UDP6720 / 8A for UDP6721
  • Resolution 10 mV, 1 mA
  • RS232 interface and CSPI protocol support

The UDP6700 series is equipped with a 2.8-inch full color LCD display.

UDP6700 sources provide 200 preset groups M1, M2 and M3, for a total of 600 preset groups.

The list function can preset the output power curve to facilitate automatic testing.

Delay function, sets the delay for the output of the power supply. This can help with on-off testing.

The output range is a wide range with maximum voltage, maximum current and maximum power. One power supply can replace several small power supplies.


UDP6720 UDP6721
Output range Voltage 0~60V 0~60V
Current 0~5A 0~8A
Power 100W 180W
Load control Voltage <0.01%+3mV <0.01%+5mV
Current <0.01%+3mA <0.01%+5mA
Power supply regulation Voltage <0.01%+3mV <0.01%+5mV
Current <0.1%+3mA <0.1%+5mA
Programming Accuracy Voltage <0.05%+10mV <0.05%+10mV
Current <0.2%+2mA <0.3%+5mA
Readback Accuracy Voltage <0.05%+10mV <0.05%+10mV
Current <0.2%+2mA <0.3%+5mA
Ripple and noise Voltage <2.0mVrms <5.0mVrms
Current <5.0mArms <8.0mArms
Dimensions W×H×D 87×174×255(mm) 87×174×255(mm)
Weight net <2.5kg <2.5kg