New oscilloscopes from Uni-Trend UPO1054, UPO1104, UPO1204


Novye oscillografy ot Uni-Trend UPO1054, UPO1104, UPO1204

The UPO1000 series is available in versions UPO1054 50MHz / UPO1104 100MHz / UPO1204 200MHz. The real-time sampling rate reaches 2GSa/s.
The entire series is equipped with 4 channels as standard, supports an independent DVM module, has extensive trigger and bus decoding functions, and supports real-time hardware decoding using full memory.
The UPO 1000 series uses Ultra Phosphor 2.0 technology.
All 3 models UPO1054, UPO1104 and UPO1204 are available in the CHIP and DIP warehouse.
Oscilloscopes can be used in the design of embedded systems, instrumentation, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, maintenance in various industries, in education and many other fields.

The main parameters of the models

  • Frequency 50 MHz/100 MHz/200 MHz
  • Number of channels – 4
  • Sampling rate up to 2GSa/s
  • Maximum memory depth is 56Mpts
  • Waveform capture rate - 500,000wfms/s
  • Vertical scale 500µV/div-20 V/div
  • Low noise level <100µVrms
  • The hardware can continuously record 120,000 frames of the signal in real time
  • Automatic measurement of 36 signal parameters, the measurement range is divided into the screen area and the cursor area
  • Support for RS232, I2C, SPI triggers
  • The effect of ultraluminous display, 256 shades of gray
  • 7-inch TFT WVGA display (800×480)
  • Interfaces: USB Host, USB Device, LAN, External Trigger, AUX Output (Trig Out, Pass/Fail, DVM)
  • Support for navigation by signals, markers and segments
  • Support for SCPI programming commands
  • Web access support


The maximum storage depth is 56Mpts. This takes into account both the general and detailed waveform.

>Maksimal'naya glubina xraneniya sostavlyaet 56Mpts

Innovative hardware decoding provides real-time decoding.

Innovacionnoe apparatnoe dekodirovanie obespechivaet dekodirovanie v rezhime real'nogo vremeni

The cursor function allows you to simultaneously measure time and voltage on CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4, MATH, REF.

Funkciya kursora pozvolyaet odnovremenno izmeryat' vremya i napryazhenie na CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4, MATH, REF

When the Cursor function is enabled, you can measure the waveform parameters in the cursor area.

Kogda funkciya «Kursor» vklyuchena, mozhno izmerit' parametry formy signala v oblasti kursora

The navigation function provides three navigation modes for time, marker and segment to quickly determine the location of the target waveform. Supports automatic scrolling to view waveforms in memory with the ability to adjust multiple speeds to facilitate comprehensive trend monitoring.

Funkciya navigacii


Novye oscillografy ot Uni-Trend UPO1054, UPO1104, UPO1204. Vid szadi