Uni-Trend Signal Generators UTG4082A and UTG4162A

Uni-Trend Signal Generators UTG4082A and UTG4162A

A new batch of signal generators from Uni-Trend UTG4082A and UTG4162A has arrived at the Chip and DIP warehouse.

The UTG4000 series signal generators, and in particular the UTG4082A and UTG4162A models, can be used for Function Generation, Arbitrary Waveform Generation, Pulse Generation, Harmonic Generation, as a source of analog / digital modulation.

UTG4000 series are signal generators with high sampling rate up to 500MS/s, maximum signal length up to 32Mpt. The UTG4000A series uses Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) technology to generate stable, accurate, low distortion signals. User-friendly interface design with 8-inch high-resolution display and rational panel layout will increase work efficiency.

The UTG4000 series is the mid-range generator in the Uni-trend line and has higher frequencies and capabilities compared to the UTG2000 series.

Main parameters of UTG4082A and UTG4162A

  • Frequencies 80MHz for UTG4082A and 160MHz for UTG4162A
  • Sampling rate -500MSa/s
  • Vertical resolution - 16bits
  • Number of channels - 2
  • Arbitrary wavelength - 32Mpts
  • Screen 8"

The main features of the models

The generators have rich analog and digital modulation functions: AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK, BPSK, QPSK, OSK, PWM, SUM, QAM.

Harmonic output function up to 16 harmonics.

The generator has built-in up to 160 arbitrary waveforms, 32 Megapixel arbitrary waveform memory, 7 GB non-volatile waveform storage.

Sweep function. Support scanning the output signal from low frequency to high frequency or from high frequency to low frequency. Scan types: linear and logarithmic.

Optional digital signal output interface: SPI, IIC, UART.

Data sheet

Model UTG4082A UTG4122A UTG4162A
Maximum frequency 80MHz 120MHz 160MHz
Channels 2
Sampling frequency 500MS/s
Waveforms Sine, square, ramp, harmonic, pulse, noise, DC voltage, arbitrary
Operating modes Output on/off, continuous, modulation, sweep, burst
Modulation types AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK, BPSK, QPSK, OSK, PWM, SUM, QAM
Frequency characteristics
Sinus 1µHz-80MHz 1µHz-120MHz 1µHz-160MHz
Square/Pulse 1µHz-30MHz 1µHz-40MHz 1µHz-50MHz
Slope 1µHz-2MHz 1µHz-3MHz 1µHz-4MHz
Harmonic 1µHz-40MHz 1µHz-60MHz 1µHz-80MHz
Noise (-3 dB) 80MHz bandwidth 120MHz bandwidth 160MHz bandwidth
Permission 1µHz
Arbitrary waveform
frequency range 1µHz-20MHz 1µHz-30MHz 1µHz-40MHz
Memory depth 8pts-32Mpts
Vertical resolution 16bits
Minimum rise/fall time (typical: 1Vpp) <7ns <6ns <5ns