Single Channel Industrial USB-TTL Converters from Waveshare Electronics


Single-channel industrial USB-TTL converters from Waveshare Electronics

New products have been added to the assortment, single-channel USB TO TTL and USB TO TTL (B) converters, which perform the function of converting USB to a serial high-speed interface with TTL signals. This type of converter is widely used for connecting automation devices, providing power and data transfer between a PC and various 3.3 / 5V devices, programming microcontrollers.

The converters are suitable for use in industrial environments with strict requirements for the working environment. Compatible with popular operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. It is also equipped with over-current/over-voltage protection circuits and electric discharge protection circuits for stable operation of the device.


Chip original FT232 chip Original CH343G chip
Transfer rate 300 bps ... 3 Mbps 50 bps ... 6 Mbps
Data flow control hardware flow control
Supported OS Win7/8/8.1/10/11,
Mac, Linux, Android, WinCE
Mac, Linux, Android
USB port Connector: USB-A;
Protection: resettable fuse, ESD protection.
UART port Connector: 8PIN fool-proof header;
Protection: I/O protection diode.
Indicators PWR: Power indicator, turns red when USB voltage is detected;
TXD: TX indicator, turns red when the USB port is sending data;
RXD: RX indicator, turns red when the device port is receiving data.


Single-channel industrial USB-TTL converters from Waveshare Electronics. dimensions