Arduino-Yolka 2, Christmas tree. Programmable Constructor

Arduino-Yolka 2, Christmas tree. Programmable Constructor
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ItemNumber: Arduino-Ёлка 2
Brand / Manufacturer: ChipDipDac


The electronic designer consists of three boards - two boards are branches of the New Year Tree, on which there are 100! address LEDs SK6812mini and one board is the base of the Christmas tree on which the Arduino controller is assembled.
The boards are connected to each other in a festive tree. The kit includes a USB-UART converter, with which you can program various lighting effects on the branches.
In production, the Yolka was programmed with the "rainbow" effect.

Christmas tree base scheme

Scheme side1

Side scheme - side1

Scheme side1

Star side diagram - side2star

side2star scheme



side2star board assembly

side2star scheme

side2star scheme

We helped you a little - soldered the LEDs to the "branches" of the Christmas tree on one side and completely assembled the base.
Install and solder 9 terminal ceramic capacitors and one electrolytic capacitor. And on the branches you will need to solder the remaining fifty LEDs. Don't rush, without them, too, everything works and is very beautiful! You can add several LEDs per day.

side2star scheme
►►All sources and sketches on github◄◄

This is an open project! The license under which it is distributed is Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license .

Technical parameters

Weight, g 370

Technical documentation

Kit specification
pdf, 103 КБ
Main board diagram ct
pdf, 50 КБ
Gerber files ct
zip, 578 КБ
Gerber files side_1
zip, 527 КБ
Gerber files side2star
zip, 601 КБ
KiCad project boards ct
zip, 934 КБ
PinChangeInt library
zip, 6 КБ
zip, 2 КБ
sketch 2
zip, 3 КБ


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