B82477G4153M, 15 uH, 4.5 A, 12.8x12.8, SMD inductor

Photo 1/3 B82477G4153M, 15 uH, 4.5 A, 12.8x12.8, SMD inductor
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ItemNumber: B82477G4153M, 15 мкГн, 4.5 А, 12.8х12.8
PartNumber: B82477G4153M
Brand / Manufacturer: EPCOS


Series B82477, has the highest reliability and electromagnetic characteristics.
The inductors of this series have a saturation current rating that is 30% higher than that of the standard series.
The value of the current strength varies from 1.05 to 38 amperes with an inductance of 0.82 to 1000 uH.
A wide operating temperature range (from -55 to 150°C) meets the strictest requirements of the AEC-Q200 automotive quality standard and the harsh climatic conditions of Russia.
Built on a substrate, this type of inductor satisfies the most stringent requirements for mechanical stability.
The dimensions of this series are 12.5 * 12.5 mm with a maximum height of 8.5 mm. Due to the presence of a magnetic shield, the inductance can be located in close proximity to other components on the PCB. Due to its low resistance and high saturation current, the B82477 series can successfully compete not only with products of the same class, but also with output inductors up to 15mm high.
Main applications:
• Autoelectronics
• LED lightening
• Power supplies with high requirements for reliability and operating temperature range.

Technical parameters

Series b82477g
Nominal inductance, uH 15
Tolerance of nominal inductance,% 20
Active resistance, Ohm 0.027
Working temperature, C -55…125
Mounting method smd
Body length, mm 12.8
Case diameter (width), mm 12.8
Maximum DC current, mA 4500
Weight, g 4.2

Technical documentation

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