CP-731, Three-phase voltage monitoring relay

Photo 1/6 CP-731, Three-phase voltage monitoring relay
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The voltage relay SR-731 is designed for continuous monitoring of the AC voltage in a three-phase network and protection of electrical installations, electrical appliances, etc. by turning off the supply voltage when it goes beyond the established limits. SR-731 also protects electrical installations in case of a neutral wire break, phase sequence violations, phase "sticking". The load is connected if the monitored voltage is within the required range. The range (upper and lower value) is set using the potentiometers located on the front panel. The relay is switched on automatically after the mains voltage is restored.

Please note that CP-731s manufactured after 08/20/2018 have additional functionality:
- added varistor protection;
- the range of controlled values of the upper voltage threshold has been expanded.
Principle of operation
The relay measures the voltage in the network and, if it goes beyond the established limits, disconnects the protected equipment from the power supply. The upper and lower voltage limits are set by the user. When the neutral wire breaks, the load is disconnected from the mains.

Technical parameters

IP protection class IP20
Height, mm 90
Depth 65 mm
Width,mm 52.5
Measured voltage, V 150…260
Lower cut-off limit, In 150…210
The upper limit of disconnection, In 230…260
Number of make contacts 1
Number of changeover contacts 0
Number of break contacts 1
Type of inrush current Variable
Monitoring of 3-phase undervoltage possible Yes
Voltage measurement range 1 to 210V
Voltage measuring range 1 s 150 V
Voltage measurement range 2 to 260 V
Voltage measuring range 2 s 230V
Minimum adjustable instantaneous response delay time 0.1 s
Type of current of controlled voltage Alternating current(AC)
1-phase undervoltage monitoring possible No
Rated current, A 8
Weight, g 139


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