EK000093311, Cable VVG-Png(A)-LS 3x1.5 OK (N PE) 0.66kV (pack 10m)

EK000093311, Cable VVG-Png(A)-LS 3x1.5 OK (N PE) 0.66kV (pack 10m)
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SKU: 9001022299
Brand / Manufacturer: Russkij Svet


The cables are designed for transmission and distribution of electrical energy in stationary installations for a rated alternating voltage of 0.66 kV with a frequency of 50 Hz. Cables are used for group laying, they do not spread combustion according to category A, with low smoke and gas emission. Fire hazard class of cables according to GOST 31565 P1b.
- made by order of Russian Light - the leader in the gearbox market
- Convenience and ease of installation
- quality assurance from leading factories
-5 step quality control
- insured by Sogaz

Technical parameters

Type VVG-Png(A)-LS
Number of conductors 3
Conductor cross-sectional area, mm2 1.5
Insulation color Blue
Insulation material pvc
Coil / coil size, m 10
Weight, kg 1

Technical documentation

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