MS5308, Portable RLC Meter with Auto Ranging

Photo 1/10 MS5308, Portable RLC Meter with Auto Ranging
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ItemNumber: MS5308
Brand / Manufacturer: Precision Mastech Enterprises


Portable LCR-meter Mastech MS5308 has a microprocessor control and is designed to measure inductance L, capacitance C, resistance R, impedance |Z|, loss tangent D, quality factor Q, phase angle Θ, as well as the equivalent series resistance of capacitors and inductors ( ESR).
The Mastech MS5308 LCR-meter is powered by 8 1.5V AA batteries.
LCR-meter Mastech MS5308 is characterized by high accuracy and stability of readings, has a wide measurement range, automatic detection of the type of tested component, and so on.
While a conventional multimeter only provides DC mode when measuring resistance, the MS5308 meter allows you to work in both DC and AC modes.
In AC mode, to better suit your needs when measuring inductance, capacitance and resistance, the instrument has a range of frequencies up to 100 kHz.
The Mastech MS530 LCR-meter has a relative measurement mode, a component sorting function, can measure in parallel and serial circuits, RS232 interface.

The main advantages of LCR-meter Mastech MS5308:
• measurement of all basic parameters of RLC components, including equivalent series resistance (ESR).
• basic error 0.3%
• test frequencies 100Hz, 120Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz, 100KHz
• LCD display with dual indication for 20,000 readings with switchable backlight
• resolution up to 0.001 when measuring the quality factor and the tangent of the dielectric loss angle
• high measurement speed (up to 4 meas/s)
• simple and intuitive interface
• possibility of percentage display and sorting mode by tolerance (1%, 2%, 5%, 10%, 20%)
• 5-wire connection technology with a component
• automatic detection of the type of tested component
• RS232 interface for connection to a computer with software.
• tweezers for SMD components and Kelvin clamp
• auto power off

To prolong battery life, when an external power supply is not used, the Mastech MS5308 LCR Meter will automatically turn off after 5 minutes.
The package includes: LCR-meter Mastech MS5308, Kelvin clamp, tweezers for SMD components, RS-232 cable, software CD, 8 AA 1.5V batteries, case.

Portable LCR-meter Mastech MS5308 can be used in industry, scientific and educational institutions and service and repair services.
• Digits: 19999 counts for L, C, R / 1999 counts for D, Q, Θ and ESR
• Measurement frequencies: 100Hz, 120Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz, 100KHz
• Validation with a given tolerance level: 1%, 2%, 5%, 10%, 20%
• Wiring diagram: serial/parallel
• Number of pins for measurement: 5
• Measurements: Ls/Lp; Cs/Cp; Rs/Rp; D,Q,ESR, phase, impedance
• Inductance: 0.001uH ~ 20,000H
• Capacitance: 0.01pF ~ 20,000uF
• Resistance: 0.001 ohm ~ 200 megohm
• ESR: 0.01ohm - 999.9ohm
• Auto power off mode
• Double digital scale
• Display illumination
• Auto power off
• USB interface
• Power supply Mastech MS5308: 8x1.5V AA + 1x9V
• Mastech MS5308 dimensions: 224x172x58 (mm), weight 841 g

Technical parameters

Resistance measurement yes
Capacitance measurement yes
Inductance measurement yes
State Register of the Russian Federation no
Weight, kg 2.4

Technical documentation

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