Neopixel stick 16x2, Two lines of 16 Neopixel LEDs

Photo 1/3 Neopixel stick 16x2, Two lines of 16 Neopixel LEDs
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The package contains two rulers with installed RGB LEDs with Neopixel pixel addressing. Each board has 16 WS2812 LEDs. The lines can be connected in series one after another using convenient connectors. If necessary, they can be connected one after another up to 100 pieces. The number is limited only by the load capacity of the power connectors. And if you connect a power source (5V) to the line several times, for example, after 30-40 lines, then the number of lines in your project can be practically unlimited.
Ceramic capacitors (0.1 uF) on the back side of the rulers are connected between the (+) and (-) power lines of the LEDs and ensure stable operation of the rulers in dynamic projects.

This is an open project! The license under which it is distributed is the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license .

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