NV-04, Load plug for testing storage batteries, 100A, 2/12 / 24V

Photo 1/4 NV-04, Load plug for testing storage batteries, 100A, 2/12 / 24V
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The load plug is designed: 1. to determine the degree of charge and serviceability of traction and car batteries with a rated voltage of 24 volts, as well as batteries with a rated voltage of 12 V; 2. to test one battery cell; 3. to check the serviceability of the on-board network generator using a high-precision voltmeter.

Rated voltage AB: 24V; 12V
Rated voltage of AB element: 2 V
Capacity of tested batteries: 15-240 Ah
Voltmeter range: 0-32V
Accuracy: 0.5%
Rated resistance:
coil "24 V": 0.2 ohm ± 5%
spiral "2 V": 0.02 ohm ± 5%
Load current:
at nom. voltage 2V, 24V: 100A
at nom. voltage 12V: 50A
Operating temperature range: -30°C - +60°C
Measurement time:
spirals connected: no more than 9 sec.
spirals disabled: unlimited

The load plug HB-04 has two spirals and is suitable for testing traction and car batteries 24 V - the "24 V" spiral (load current 100 A) and 12 V batteries (load current 50 A) are connected, and for testing one element (cans ) battery - a "2 V" spiral is connected (load current 100 A)
Easy switching coils simplifies the use of the device
The timer allows you to set the measurement time
Voltage indication during testing every second (with the ability to save data)
Digital voltmeter (liquid crystal display)
Determination of the state of charge of the battery
Corrosion-resistant coating of the device body

Technical parameters

Tool type tester
Purpose battery test
Weight, g 880

Technical documentation

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