PCM5102A x 2 Audio DAC, Dual Converter: I2S / Audio

Photo 1/2 PCM5102A x 2 Audio DAC, Dual Converter: I2S / Audio
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Brand / Manufacturer: ChipDipDac


The dual-chip PCM5102 audio DAC module is designed for high-quality audio reproduction over the I2S bus, designed for installation in DSP KIT 4x3 HD or DSP KIT 4x3 UHD .


DAC Chip: 2 x PCM5102
Digital interface: I2S
Maximum sampling rate: 384KHz
Resolution: 16, 24 and 32 bits
Dynamic Range: 112db
Signal to noise ratio: 112db
Output voltage: 2.1V RMS
Module supply voltage: 5V
Supply voltage of the digital part: 3.3V
Analog supply voltage: 5V
Board size: 57 x 39mm



DSP KIT with DAC installed


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