PETV-2 (d=1.0mm) 1kg, Enamelled wire (winding), 140m, spool 1kg (+/- 5%)

PETV-2 (d=1.0mm) 1kg, Enamelled wire (winding), 140m, spool 1kg (+/- 5%)
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ItemNumber: ПЭТВ-2 (d=1,0мм) 1кг
Brand / Manufacturer: Russia


PETV-2: (meter weight = 7.14 g) Under the order with rewind from 3 kg to 20 kg

Application area :
Enameled wire PETV-2 is a soft copper wire coated with durable varnish, which is used for the manufacture of windings of electrical machines, appliances, motors, transformers, inductors, and much more. Wire PETV-2 is suitable for manual and mechanized winding. PETV-2 is deciphered as enameled heat-resistant high-strength wire, "2" - has two layers of varnish. Temperature index +130°C.
The wire is manufactured in Russia at a factory with modern Austrian equipment. The diameter of the winding wire is indicated by the current-carrying core (without taking into account the thickness of the varnish layer).

Technical parameters

Diameter, mm 1
Composition copper
Weight, kg 1.1

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