Post push-button PKT-61 IEC BPU10-2

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Post push-button PKT-61 IEC BPU10-2 is designed to provide switching of electrical control circuits of lifting mechanisms.
The product is a sealed, heat-resistant and impact-resistant case made of ABS plastic with buttons on the front panel. To seal the cable entry, the control panel has a protective gland, and a gasket made of sealing material is laid between the case and the front panel.
In the initial state, all buttons on the remote control are open. The closure of the corresponding electrical circuit occurs when the button is pressed. The buttons have a common bus and a mechanical interlock that prevents the simultaneous submission of two mutually exclusive commands ("up" and "down").
It is allowed to operate a push-button station at an altitude of up to 2000 m above sea level, at a temperature range of -20 - +45 degrees Celsius, in a non-explosive environment that does not contain aggressive gases and vapors, as well as dust in extreme quantities.
Remote control specifications:
• rated current - 3A;
• degree of protection - IP54;
• manufacturer - IEK.

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