RDC1-0034a, Differential, high performance preamplifier. OPA1632

RDC1-0034a, Differential, high performance preamplifier. OPA1632
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The RDC1-0034a is a fully differential bass preamplifier. It provides the highest sound quality with very low noise levels. The operational amplifier installed in this module - OPA1632 operates in a wide frequency range up to 180 MHz, has a very high signal slew rate - 50 V / µs and amplifies the audio signal with extremely low distortion - 0.000023%, with a maximum signal-to-noise ratio and wide dynamic range. Differential input and output reduces even-order harmonics and minimizes noise interference.


Band of reproducible frequencies (limited by active LPF) - 1.6Hz ... 80kHz
Total harmonic distortion THD + N @ 1 kHz - 0.000022%
Common mode rejection ratio - 90dB
Output signal slew rate - 50V/µs
Output current - 85mA
Recommended supply voltage - 12V
Possible supply voltage - 5 ... 30V



Wiring diagram

Wiring diagram

To use the module as a pre-amplifier for our class D amplifiers, we recommend powering it with 12V by removing it directly from the RDC2-0034 (TPA3255) or RDC2-0029 (TAS5630) amplifier boards. The 12V supply voltage must be applied directly to the Vin input. Jumper R9 installed.

12V supply voltage connection diagram.


Unbalanced input.

If you need to apply an unbalanced signal to the input, you must install the GND jumper.

Schematic of the new board with black mask


Wiring diagram, assignment of connectors


This is an open project! The license under which it is distributed is Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license .

Technical parameters

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Technical documentation

Datasheet opa1632
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Scheme RDC1-0034
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KiCad project RDC1-0034
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