RG-213 (01-2041) [Bay-18 M.], Coaxial copper cable (50 Ohm) [Bay-18 M.]

RG-213 (01-2041) [Bay-18 M.], Coaxial copper cable (50 Ohm) [Bay-18 M.]
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Coaxial cable RG-213 50 Ohm black is indispensable in the field of telecommunications. It is used for transmission of main high-frequency signals in radio and television systems. This cable is a combination of two conductors - internal and external, which are located coaxially and separated by insulation. The center conductor consists of stranded copper wire surrounded by polyethylene foam insulation. The stranded center conductor makes the cable more flexible, which is convenient when laying it. The screen (outer conductor) is solid, made in the form of a copper braid.

Technical description:
Nominal impedance 50 Ohm.
Cable diameter d=10.3mm.
Sheath material PVC
Sheath color black
Bay 100 m