RK-50-7-11 [Bay-10 M.], Coaxial cable 50 Ohm [Bay-10 M.]

RK-50-7-11 [Bay-10 M.], Coaxial cable 50 Ohm [Bay-10 M.]
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Brand / Manufacturer: Eltros


RK coaxial RF cables are designed to connect various radio devices and radio frequency installations.

Designed for mounting transmitting and receiving antennas of radio stations, in radio communication and radar systems, computer technology, control systems, various radio frequency installations, inter-device mounting of radio engineering devices and other electronic devices.

It is not included in the "Unified list of products subject to mandatory certification" and "Unified list of products, confirmation of conformity of which is carried out in the form of a declaration of conformity".

RK 75 (50) - 4 - 11 - cable with a nominal wave resistance of 75 (50), with an insulation diameter of 4 mm, 1 insulation design and heat resistance category, 1 development number.

Wave impedance 50 Ohm
Inner conductor diameter 2.28 mm
Inner conductor copper wire
Outer conductor diameter 0.15 mm
Sheath polyethylene
Braiding with copper wires
Cable diameter 10.0±0.3mm
Insulation color black
Minimum service life 12 years