Gland PG9 IP54 EKF plc-pg-9

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SKU: 9000546974
Brand: EKF


PG glands are installed in the places where wires enter the switchboards. They are designed to protect wires from mechanical damage and to protect equipment installed directly inside the case from dust and moisture.

They consist of a lock nut, a body, a gear coupling, a cap nut (made of fire-resistant nylon), an oil seal and a gasket (made of neoprene).

Options Values
Degree of protection according to GOST 14254 IP 54
Operating temperature range,°S -40 to +80

Overall and installation dimensions

Technical parameters

Color Gray
Material plastic
Execution Straightforward
Thread Type Type PG
Degree of protection IP IP54
Operating temperature according to 80 deg.C
Operating temperature with -40 deg.C
Presence of halogens Yes
For hazardous areas for gas without
For dust explosion protected area (EC ATEX directives) without
For cable diameter 7 mm
For cable diameter with 6 mm
Номинальный размер резьбы метрической/PG 9
Тип уплотнения o-ring
Шаг резьбы 1.41 mm
Weight, g 6.5


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