ShVVP 3x0.75 [Bay-3 M.], Flexible network cable with PVC insulation [Bay-3 M.]

ShVVP 3x0.75 [Bay-3 M.], Flexible network cable with PVC insulation [Bay-3 M.]
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ShVVP wire has a universal application in everyday life and industry and is designed to connect various devices and units to the electrical network that require laying external temporary or permanent wiring. The wire is produced with two or three current-carrying conductors.

Structurally, the SHVVP wire is a parallel conductive conductor with double PVC insulation: an individual core sheath with color marking and a common insulating casing.
With a single laying, the wire does not support combustion and is able to withstand peak voltage up to 2000 V at a frequency of 50 Hz for more than 15 minutes even after an hour of keeping it in water.
Guaranteed trouble-free operating time of the SHVVP wire is at least 5000 hours for devices moved during operation and 12000 hours for permanently installed equipment.
In general, the technical characteristics of the ShVVP wire make it possible to reliably serve the wiring for about 15 years.

ShVVP wire decoding:
W - Cord
B - Insulation of cores made of polyvinyl chloride plastic compound
B - PVC sheath
P - Flat

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