SMK 2273-204, Construction and assembly terminal 4pin

Photo 1/4 SMK 2273-204, Construction and assembly terminal 4pin
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Terminals in a transparent housing, without contact paste, are designed to connect single-core copper conductors.The design of the terminals provides for the possibility of mounting copper conductors of various cross-sections (0.5 to 2.5) in one terminal.The linear arrangement of the contact group saves space in the junction box, and also makes installation more convenient and faster.Each conductor has a separate terminal place and is not damaged as a result of installation.Viewing windows on the terminal housing make it possible to control the correctness of stripping the conductors and protection from touching.The unique color marking of each terminal size allows you to quickly and correctly identify them during installation.Installation does not require the use of tools.The transparent housing allows you to control the depth of entry of the vein.Reliable protection against accidental contact with the live parts of the connection.Guaranteed reliability of contacts, eliminating short circuit and heating at the connection point.Maximum voltage: 450 V.

Technical parameters

Functional purpose compact terminal
Rated Voltage, V 400
Rated current, A 24
Number of clamps, terminals 4
Nominal conductor cross section, mm² 0.5…2.5
Weight, g 1

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