Button KE-021 isp. 2 "Stop" red. mushroom. Electrical component KE-021.2.K

Button KE-021 isp. 2 "Stop" red. mushroom. Electrical component KE-021.2.K
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Button KE-021 isp. 2 "Stop" cr. mushroom. designed to provide switching of AC and DC control circuits. Such buttons are installed on fixed and moving parts of stationary production facilities, including forging and pressing equipment and chemical-resistant products.
The switch consists of unified contact elements, a direct control device and other elements with the help of which the button is mounted and connected to the electrical circuit.
Conditions for the operation of the circuit breaker:
• temperature range -40 - +40 degrees Celsius;
• air humidity at a temperature of 20 degrees - no more than 90%, at a temperature of 40 degrees - no more than 50%;
• non-explosive and non-critical dust environment;
• height above sea level no more than 2 km;
• maximum voltage - 230V;
• minimum voltage for operation — 24V;
• rated current — 10A.
The button works without fixation, with a return. Contact group - 1NO + 1NC. Installation hole diameter - 31mm.

Technical parameters

Mounting method embedded(s)
Degree of protection IP IP40
Hole diameter, mm 30.5
Number of make contacts 2
Number of break contacts 2
Type of connection of auxiliary circuits Screw connection
Weight, g 68.4

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