26-2101, Heat shrinkable double-walled adhesive tube 3.2/1.6 mm black (pack of 10 pcs. 1 m each)

Photo 1/2 26-2101, Heat shrinkable double-walled adhesive tube 3.2/1.6 mm black (pack of 10 pcs. 1 m each)
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Brand / Manufacturer: Rexant


REXANT Adhesive Heat Shrinkable Tubing is one of the most popular and reliable heat shrinkable materials.
Designed to restore damaged and create new insulation when connecting cables and wires, complete sealing of the surfaces of electrical connections of cables and wires, to create anti-corrosion protective and decorative coatings.

1. Elongation at break: not less than 200%
2. Shrink temperature: +85°S
3. Temperature range in operation mode: -45...+125°S
4. Tensile strength: not less than 10.4 MPa
5. Electrical strength: not less than 19.7 kV/mm
6. Working voltage: 600V
7. Electrical resistivity: 10^14 ohm/cm
8. Shrinkage ratio: 2:1
9. Does not support combustion
10. Tube diameter before shrinkage: 3.2mm
11. Tube diameter after shrinkage: 1.6mm
12. Adhesive layer: full length on the inside

An adhesive layer is applied to the inner surface of such a heat-shrinkable tube. When heated, the glue melts, filling the voids, providing tightness and gluing the junction with the object of influence.
A unique property of heat-shrinkable tubes is their ability to change their diameter, shrink as a result of heating and take the form of an object or material on which shrinkage is made, for this it is enough to heat the tube to the required temperature and then let it cool.
The tube has the property of suppressing combustion, that is, it is unable to sustain combustion, in the absence of an open flame, it self-extinguishes and is unable to ignite.

It is recommended to carry out work on the shrinkage of tubes with the help of special electrical hot air guns and REXANT gas burners.

Technical parameters

Color Black
Type Heat shrinkable (th)
Shrinkage ratio 2:1
Weight, g 8.68

Technical documentation

Heat Shrink Tubing Kits
pdf, 274 КБ

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