Solenoid valve BCX-32 1 1/4 11001

Photo 1/2 Solenoid valve BCX-32 1 1/4 11001
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Brand / Manufacturer: UNIPUMP


Solenoid valve BCX-32 (normally closed) Unipump 11001 is designed to automatically shut off the flow of liquid in the pipeline. Consists of brass and plastic cases. Inside the plastic case are a solenoid with a core. The core moves freely in a hermetically sealed tube. Inside the brass body is a membrane that blocks the flow of fluid when the magnetic core moves.
working medium: water , liquids that are not aggressive to valve materials, compressed air, steam ;
rubber seal material EPDM
viscosity of the working medium: no more than 20 mm²/s;
operating environment temperature range: 0…+120 S;
operating pressure: 0.5…16 bar;
power supply parameters: ~220 ±10% V, 50 Hz;
degree of protection: IP65;
conditional diameter: 32;
connection thread: 1 1/4"
The normal surface temperature of the coil during continuous operation can reach 70 C. To prevent burns, do not touch the coil while the valve is in operation.

Technical parameters

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