FDD2-187 syn.

FDD2-187 syn.
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Brand / Manufacturer: Net torgovoj marki


Flat insulated tip (knife terminals "female") FDD2-187(8) - serves to provide a collapsible high-quality contact connection of conductors with a cross section of 1.5-2.5 mm2, a maximum current of 15A with the conclusions of various electrical appliances and devices. The width of the contact part of the knife tip is 4.75 mm, the plug-in contact is 0.8x4.75 mm. Flat insulated lugs are made of 0.35 mm thick tinned copper, insulation material is self-extinguishing polyvinyl chloride, PVC. The color of the dielectric (insulation) on the tip is blue. The advantage of the flat type of NPI tips is a large contact area and the ability to quickly reconnect the contact. Tips are used when mounting copper and aluminum single and stranded wires and cables. For the correct selection of the tip size, the following criteria must be taken into account: the contact dimensions of the mating part "male", the cross section of the core, the current strength, the width of the "knife" of the tip.

Technical parameters

Functional purpose tip flat
Maximum cross-section of the clamped wire, mm2 2.5
Insulator material pvc
Insulator color Blue
Contact material Tinned copper
Weight, g 93

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