DC power supply YIHUA-1502USB (2A)

DC power supply YIHUA-1502USB (2A)
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The YIHUA-1502USB DC Power Supply can be used for testing, troubleshooting, repairing, as well as a working instrument in a school or laboratory. It can be connected to a computer or to a programming device. The desktop power supply can also be used to charge mobile phones, transfer data, or test a GSM signal.

The power supply is equipped with USB data interface and self-healing function. The device is capable of long-term operation at maximum power with a stable output voltage. The power supply has a number of functions such as overload protection, short circuit protection, automatic self-healing.

DC power supply output voltage modes
Mode 1
Output voltage: 0-15V (adjustable)
Output current: 0-2A (full 2A)
Application: 0-15V/0-2A for power supply and charging

Mode 2
Output voltage: 0-5V (adjustable)
Output current: 0-2A (full 2A)
Application: 0-5V/0-2A for power supply and charging, suitable for mobile phone charging
5V Voltage Limit: With voltage limit, the mobile phone will not be damaged due to overvoltage.

Performance options:

Voltage-AC220V±10% 50Hz
Working conditions-b 0~40℃ Relative humidity<80%
Storage Condition-20~80℃ Relative Humidity<80%
Rated voltage 0~15V adjustable
Output current - 0~2A adjustable
Voltage stability -≤1mV
Load stability -≤0.33%
Ripple noise ≤3mVrms - (5Hz ~ 1MHz)/≤3mArms
Display accuracy - 0.1V/0.1A/1mA
Protection mode - current limit, short circuit protection, over temperature protection
Dimensions -17.4*10.8*16.4cm
Weight 1.5KG

Technical parameters

Source type pulse
Output voltage, V 220
Output current, A 2
Series 1502USB
Weight, kg 1.5

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