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Транзисторы\Транзисторы биполярные (BJTs)
Transistors 2T819A silicon epitaxial-planar structures n-p-n switching.
Designed for use in amplifiers and switching devices.
They are used to work in nodes and blocks of special-purpose electronic equipment.
They are available in a metal case with glass insulators and rigid terminals.
They are marked with a alphanumeric code on the transistor housing.
Case type: CT-9 (TO-3).
The mass of the transistor is not more than 20.0 g.
Type of climatic performance: "UHL".
Quality category: "VP", "OSM".
Technical conditions:
- acceptance of "VP" aA0.339.142TU;
- acceptance of "OSM" aA0.339.142 TU, P0.070.052.
Foreign equivalent: BDW51C.

The warranty period of storage of transistors is 25 years from the date of acceptance, and in case of rechecking of the product - from the date of rechecking.
Warranty time:
- 25,000 hours - in all modes allowed by TU;
- 40,000 hours - in light mode.
The warranty time is calculated within the warranty period of storage.

Main technical characteristics of the 2T819A transistor:
• Transistor structure: n-p-n;
• Pk max - Constant dissipated collector power: 3 W;
• Rc t max - Constant dissipated collector power with heat sink: 100 watts;
• fgr - The boundary frequency of the current transfer coefficient of the transistor for a circuit with a common emitter: at least 3 MHz;
• Ucr max - Maximum collector-emitter voltage at a given collector current and a given resistance in the base-emitter circuit: 100 V (0.1kOhm);
• Uebo max - Maximum emitter-base voltage at a given reverse current of the emitter and open collector circuit: 5 V;
• Ic max - Maximum permissible direct collector current: 15 A;
• Ik and max - The maximum allowable collector pulse current: 20 A;
• Icbo - Collector reverse current - current through the collector junction at a given collector-base reverse voltage and an open emitter terminal: no more than 1 mA (40V);
• h21e - Static current transfer coefficient of a transistor for circuits with a common emitter: more than 20;
• Rce us - Saturation resistance between collector and emitter: no more than 0.4 ohms

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