Cords. A cord is a wire consisting of two or more parallel wires isolated from each other. In other words, connect several wires into one design and get a cord. Cords are common both in everyday life and in production. In everyday life, we combine them into a single complex components of audio and video systems, computers and entertainment consoles, connect electrical equipment and telephones. In production, cords connect equipment, machines, components of information systems. In the modern world, buying a cord at an affordable price for your purposes is not at all a problem.

The main thing is not to get lost and not get lost in their diversity. You need to choose a cord based on the purpose and quality requirements of the signal transmitted through them. Here you will find the widest range of cords. These are audio-video cords, cords for computer equipment, telephone and network cords. Most cords are available in the low, mid and high price ranges. You can buy, for example, a simple RCA-RCA cable at the lowest price to connect an ordinary DVD to a TV, or you can buy a cable with the same type of connectors, but from the highest quality cable with gold-plated connectors that can be used in Hi-Fi systems. We represent the entire line of Belsis, Sparks , Pro Legend , as well as Rexant and others.

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