Meters of parameters and power quality are unique devices that are able to control the quality of power supply in order to ensure the safety of the operation of power networks and their energy consumers, both in industry and in everyday life. The category of these devices includes meters of electrical safety parameters, power supply and parameters of residual current devices.

A series of devices MPI -508, 520, 525 of the well-known manufacturer SONEL belong to the meters of electrical safety parameters of electrical installations. These devices measure the parameters of the short circuit loop, measure the insulation resistance, monitor the phase sequence, measure and record current and voltage. All measurements are recorded and entered into the instrument's memory for subsequent transfer to a computer. These multifunctional devices are widely used in the industrial power industry.

The quality of electricity is the most important indicator of the uninterrupted operation of connected consumers. Analyze and record power quality with the latest Fluke instruments, namely the improved models Fluke 434 , 43 Basic , 1760 , 1750 B , 1745 , 1744 . These devices allow you to timely detect any failures in the operation of electrical equipment due to various changes in power supply parameters.
A residual current device is necessary to protect the electrical circuit, as well as the consumers connected to it, from overloads, thereby protecting a person from electric shock.

Models of devices MRP -120, 1811-EL have a high insulation class, a degree of protection of the case, microprocessor control, measurement of RCD parameters with high resolution. This type of appliance is in high demand among the technical personnel of industrial enterprises, and among service workers who install home appliances.

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