Ferrites, magnets, microwave devices


Ferrites, magnets are materials that have a magnetic permeability much greater than that of ferrous metals, and allow the use of this property in industrial and domestic conditions.

Ferrite products
are blanks of soft magnetic ceramics or iron-based composite materials intended for use as cores in high-frequency transformers, chokes, inductors and other winding components in order to increase their inductance or to control inductance. The main forms of such products: W-shaped, U-shaped, rod, dumbbell (bobbin), ring, plate, tube, cup. By magnetic permeability, ferrite products are divided into high-frequency ones with low magnetic permeability and low-frequency ones with high magnetic permeability, and the Russian and European marking systems are used simultaneously. The main manufacturers of ferrite products are FerroPribor and EPCOS.

Frameworks, sets
— for the correct use of ferrite products in modern equipment, standard frameworks are used, which ensure the convenience of placing a winding product on a ferrite core, with the possibility of replacing it if necessary, and high repeatability of products. For the convenience of manufacturing powerful ferrite transformers, the set may include, in addition to the frame, additional elements (tie bars, screws and mounting plates) that increase the strength, rigidity and electrical reliability of the finished product.

- in modern conditions, products made of magnetically hard ceramics, metal alloys or metal-containing polymers in the form of disks, rings, cylinders, bars, plates or sheets. Designed to control magnetic contacts, fix steel parts, work in magnetic systems of acoustic and automatic components. Cargo magnets (magnetic hooks) can be equipped with a counterweight plate with a cargo hook and marking of the maximum weight of the cargo. Vinyl-based magnetopolymer, can be equipped with an adhesive layer for fixing on the surface of a non-magnetic product.

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